The Australian Prime Minister confirmed his visit to China this year.

Australian Prime Minister Antony Albanese. confirmed today that He will visit China later this year. As the Australian government looks to stabilize its relationship with China,

Mr Albanese said after meeting with Chinese Premier Li Qiang that he confirmed that he had been invited by Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Beijing. He accepted this invitation and will travel to China later this year. At a time when the two sides were able to reach an agreement, Mr. Albanese also thanked Mr. Xi. who invited him this time and said Negotiation with Mr. Li It is creative and in a good direction. and that the two countries need to negotiate more to improve relations.

Mr. Albanese made this announcement during his trip to Indonesia to participate in the ASEAN Summit. After Australia and China had a feud over politics and economics. Including China's boycott of imports from Australia. Such a visit It will be the first trip to China by an Australian Prime Minister since 2016.

Source: Thai News Agency