The slums of 4 regions encourage the government to solve ethnic problems.

Office of the Public Sector Development Commission- 6 Sep.- The network of slums in 4 regions submits a letter to the Prime Minister. Urge the new government to speed up the problem of making a living Ethnic groups emphasize the importance of small people. Threatening if not progressing will come again

The slum network of 4 regions together with the People's Movement for a Just Society (P-Move) organizes activities and submits a letter to Mr. Srettha Thavisin, Prime Minister and the new government. Ask them to solve problems for the poor brothers and sisters, such as land problems, ethnic groups, etc. In the general atmosphere, there is a continuous switch of speeches on the audio car. Ready to read a statement stating that many areas, many communities have not solved the problem for 9 years and there is no progress. Today is a good opportunity for us to get a new government. Policies that have been campaigned today, will you be able to do it or not?

“When we went to see Government policies are not in line with the problems of our brothers and sisters. Both the problem of the lawsuit, the land problem, the problem of the urban poor Problems of brothers and sisters in other provinces that are overrun by national parks or that various state projects, including the problems of ethnic fraternity groups From the top of the mountain to the sea Especially the problem of the Bang Kloy brothers. Today, if the government Really intend to come and solve the problems of the brothers We call on Prime Minister Srettha to come and receive the P-move letter submitted today,” the statement said.

The statement also stated that After this, if the book is not received and the problem has not been resolved. We will come again and maybe come more. Therefore, if it is proved that he is Prime Minister Success or not must look at solving economic problems and problems of small groups of people”.

Source: Thai News Agency