Family Day

The Management of the National Service Programme, PKBN have set the place and time for parents and guardians to see the trainees during the Sunday Family Day Session. The RTB crew in Temburong District today took the opportunity to cover the PKBN Family Day at the PKBN Camp where parents and guardians came from throughout the country to spend time with their children.

For parents and guardians who travelled by boat to Temburong, the PKBN management with the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports provided three buses to shuttle the visitors from Temburong District jetty to the PKBN Camp in Kampung Batu Apoi.

Interviewed by the RTB crew, the trainees' families expressed their satisfaction with the programme including aspects such as training camp infrastructure and trainees welfare. They were also pleased with and proud of the positive changes of the young trainees, in particular their discipline, time-management, stronger mentality and determination to complete the training.

Meanwhile, several trainees shared proud of being in the programme which teaches them mutual respect and strong discipline.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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